Relaxed Rules for Location of FM Translators to Rebroadcast AM Stations Effective April 10

We wrote here and here about the FCC’s new rules to relax the limits on where licensees of AM stations can use FM translators to rebroadcast their stations. The new rules allow the location of these translators so that their 1 mv/m coverage area does not extend beyond 25 miles from the AM station or beyond the AM station’s 2 mv/m contour – whichever is greater. Up to now, the translator had to stay within the lesser of those two areas. According to a Federal Register publication today, the new rules are effective on April 10. No doubt, many AM broadcasters can hardly wait to take advantage of these new rules, and they will be able to do so starting April 10. Watch for more from the FCC on this effective date.

Update, 3/16/2017, 2:00 EDT – The FCC has released a Public Notice, here, confirming this April 10 effective date.