Promoting and Advocating for the Broadcasters of Nevada, While Serving the Public

Nevada Broadcasters Association

The Nevada Broadcasters Association is the only statewide group devoted to serving and representing state broadcasters. Our efforts together this year have launched us into the future of enhancing the broadcast environment in our state and the country. We have received, in turn, a high level of support from our membership.

In fact, it is that commitment from our members and their employees that makes us a strong association. Knowing that our members care about what we do is very important to us.

NVBA employees and NVBA volunteer committee members work hard because we know that you appreciate our work and commitment to what we can do for our members and the broadcast industry.  As an organization and as a cooperative of individuals with a common goal, we believe in ourselves and our members.

We will continue to work to provide even better services to help you accomplish your goals in broadcasting. Thank you for your membership and support of the NVBA!

Nevada Broadcasters Foundation Scholarship Fund