About Us

Nevada Broadcasters Association

The mission of the NVBA is to promote and advocate for the Broadcasters of Nevada while serving the public. We help improve and preserve, on a national and statewide basis, an economic, legal and regulatory environment that best enhances the ability of each Station to be financially strong, to remain free from governmental control of programming, and to excel in the public service roles that each Station plays in Nevada, and to continue to offer our Public Education Partnership program and make it as robust as possible.

We seek to educate Nevada’s local, state and federal officials together with other community leaders about important broadcasting issues, concerns and challenges we face.

Working with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA), we participate, when necessary, in legal filings before the FCC; and we meet with federal officials and other decision-makers on matters of concern to Nevada’s broadcasters.

We provide members with a complimentary Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program. We sponsor a First Responders Certification and Credentialing Program for broadcast engineers. And as Nevada’s voice for homeland security, we are at the forefront in the ongoing strengthening of Nevada’s Emergency Alert System and the development of in-station emergency planning. As Nevada’s voice for AMBER Alert, we work in partnership with law enforcement, the Nevada Department of Public Safety, the Nevada Department of Transportation and the Nevada AMBER Alert Review Committee.

Public Services

Community Service

Through the NCSA program, we partner with local, state and federal agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide and deliver public awareness and community-oriented announcements on radio and television.

Workforce Diversity
Broadcasting Jobs

We work with Nevada broadcast stations to achieve a diverse workforce and sponsor an online job bank to help stations meet that goal.

Foundation Scholarships

Through the Nevada Broadcasters Foundation, we administer the most forward-thinking broadcasting and communications college scholarship in the nation.