Year in Review and Looking Ahead

The Nevada Broadcasters Association has had an amazing 2022. I’d like to thank NVBA Chairwoman Amie Chapman and the entire Board of Directors for their incredible leadership!
Much of the credit goes to you! Our member stations faithfully air our PSA’s (NCSA’s) enabling us to distribute important public health and safety messages to all Nevadans. Your generosity helps us continue our work on behalf of the Silver State’s radio and television community.  Because of your support we’re able to  support the Tony and Linda Bonnici Scholarship program which has awarded 232 scholarships in 12 short years! 
In Congressional news, the House Judiciary Committee approved the American Music Fairness Act, which would tax local radio stations because they offer free, over-the-air music to listeners. Because we relentlessly lobbied for the Local Radio Freedom Act, (thank you Congressman Amodei!)  this bill is dead on arrival. Even so, we contacted every member of our delegation to reiterate our opposition to this  onerous tax on local radio. 
We also closely tracked a bill that would allow financial transactions of cannabis in states where it is legal. A significant amendment would also allow advertising by radio and television stations. This is an important effort on behalf of stations who want the ability to advertise cannabis products in Nevada, where it is now legal. 
Some other 2022 highlights:
  • NVBA was the second  state association in the nation to get its EAS plan approved by the FCC!
  • We revamped our Alternative Inspection Program (ABIP) which enabled us to conduct 36 inspections, a service we provide free of charge to our member stations.
  • The FCC reduced an unreasonable 13% increase in regulatory fees after we vigorously  fought that increase through our Washington DC attorney.  
In 2023 we will be launching our retooled First Response Broadcaster program and getting ready to lobby our state lawmakers and members of Congress on issues that matter the most to you. 
Speaking of state lawmakers, we are bringing back “Broadcaster’s Day” in Carson City. It will take place all day on Thursday, March 9 in the legislative building. We will hear from Governor Lombardo and various state lawmakers throughout the day. I hope you can join us! 
Speaking of Governor Lombardo, I’m pleased to report that I have been asked to serve on the Governor’s transition team. This is quite an honor and it’s only because our radio and television stations are held in such high regard at the highest levels of government.
I hope you value your membership in our Association. Your participation and support are important to us. 
Thank you for being a part of what we do!