Rule Changes on LPFM and Interference Protections for Channel 6 TV from Reserved Band FM to Become Effective on July 13

In April, the FCC modified a number of its rules regarding LPFM stations, and also modified its processing policies as to considerations of interference between Channel 6 TV stations and noncommercial FM stations operating on the reserved band (the low end of the FM dial).  We wrote about those changes here and here.  The changes were published in the Federal Register today, meaning that many of the changes – including those dealing with the Channel 6 interference policy and the use of boosters by LPFM stations – will become effective on July 13.  Other issues, including the use of directional antennas and the change in the definition of a minor change in the facilities of LPFM stations, involve changes in FCC forms and thus will not become effective until they have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget following a review under the Paperwork Reduction Act.  The effective dates for those changes will be announced when that approval is obtained, likely several months from now.

Courtesy Broadcast Law Blog