FCC Reminder to TV Stations – July 31 Deadline for Adding to Their Public File Contacts for Must-Carry/Retransmission Consent Communications

Broadcast TV stations have until July 31, 2020 to upload to their public file a phone number and email address to be used for receiving signal carriage notices and questions.  This information must be kept current and will be used in the must-carry and retransmission consent carriage election statements that must be uploaded by stations to their online public files by October 1 of this year for the 2021-2023 cycle.  Under new FCC rules adopted last year, stations now upload their must-carry/retransmission consent elections to their public file every three years within the normal election cycle.  A similar obligation is placed on MVPDs (cable and satellite TV providers) to upload their contact information for carriage election purposes to the Cable Operations and Licensing System by July 31.  The FCC issued a Public Notice this week reminding cable operators of this requirement.  Broadcasters need to notify MVPDs of their must-carry/retransmission consent election only if that election changed from the prior cycle (see our article here). Don’t miss these important deadlines.

Courtesy Broadcast Law Blog