FCC Chairman Calls Apple to Activate FM chips in iPhones

This morning, Chairman Pai called on Apple to activate FM chips in iPhones. His tweet: https://twitter.com/AjitPaiFCC/status/913419619527995395

Our @NVBroadcasters tweet, which the Chairman liked: https://twitter.com/NVBroadcasters/status/913420219145768962.

From RadioWorld.com
by Paul McLane

Ajit Pai just weighed in more forcefully on the FM chip debate, and did something unusual, calling out an electronics manufacturer by name.

Pai — chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and already something of a hero to many U.S. radio broadcasters for his general words about radio as well as his deregulatory approach — previously had made known his support for the voluntary activation by phone makers of FM reception capability that is latent in most phones. And he gives no sign of changing his opposition to any kind of requirement or mandate to do that. But today he explicitly called on Apple, the big notable holdout whose iPhones seem to be everywhere, to turn on FM radio reception capability, posing this as a matter of public safety.

He wrote: “In recent years, I have repeatedly called on the wireless industry to activate the FM chips that are already installed in almost all smartphones sold in the United States. And I’ve specifically pointed out the public safety benefits of doing so. In fact, in my first public speech after I became Chairman, I observed that ‘[y]ou could make a case for activating chips on public safety grounds alone.’”

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