FCC Issues Guidance for Broadcasters and Other Regulated Services in the Path of Hurricane Irma

The FCC has issued a series of public notices to broadcasters and other FCC regulated entities in the path of Hurricane Irma. General guidance was issued by the FCC, here, discussing how stations can get special temporary authority to operate with facilities different than those specified in their licenses by email or even by telephone during the emergency. This may be particularly important if stations towers or antennas are damaged by the storm and, to continue service, stations need to use alternate facilities. During the recent Texas Hurricane harvey, the FCC even issued some daytime only AM stations authority to temporarily operate with nighttime operations where they were providing emergency information. If STAs are needed, the public notice provides information about where to call or email

The FCC has also activated its Disaster Information Reporting System for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and is likely to extend it to portions of Florida in the near future. This system is used by stations and other licensees to report cessation or changes to their operations. In some cases, reporting these details may provide a station with access to information about how to speed the delivery of equipment, fuel or other emergency supplies to stations in the affected areas. The reporting system is voluntary, but encouraged by the FCC.

We obviously hope for the safety and security of all in the affected areas, and thank all the broadcasters who will, in the coming days, be spending countless hours reporting important information to the residents of their service areas. As always, they provide an invaluable service at times like there, and we all pray that everyone stays safe.