As Presidential Primaries Get Delayed by the Coronavirus, So Too Do Lowest Unit Rate Windows

In recent days, we have seen Presidential primaries delayed by the coronavirus in at least six states – including Ohio which was originally set to vote yesterday but has postponed its primary until June 2.  We expect that additional states will be looking at extensions in the coming days.  As lowest unit rate windows had already opened in many of these states, the postponement will result in the Presidential candidates getting another 45-day window for those low rates in advance of the rescheduled primary date.  But, with the primaries now being scheduled for a later date, there is no FCC requirement that stations continue in the original window period to charge lowest unit rates to the candidates – under FCC rules, stations can wait to make those rates available until the 45-day period before the new primary date.  With so much changing on a daily basis, keep track of these changing deadlines in your state.

Courtesy Broadcast Law Blog