For the Public


The Nevada Broadcasters Association (NVBA) is proud to represent Nevada’s free, over-the-air Radio and TV Stations (which employ Thousands of Nevada residents), in addition to a significant number of Associate and Retired Broadcast Members.

Benefits of Free, Over-the-Air Local Broadcasting to Nevada

  • Nevada Broadcasters serve as bridges of communication between local officials and their communities. Radio and television stations are committed to providing the means for lawmakers and candidates to be heard. In addition, broadcasters know the importance of keeping the public informed and educated on pressing political issues. Broadcasters are active in their communities serving as the eyes and ears.
  • Nevada Broadcasters’ commitment to public service is never more apparent than during times of crisis. During an emergency—particularly one that arises with little notice—no other industry can match the ability of local broadcasting to deliver comprehensive, up-to-date warnings and information to affected citizens. Local radio & television stations are Nevada’s most reliable network for distributing emergency information. Even if the electricity is out, causing the Internet and cable television to go down, and cell coverage is lost because networks are clogged or a tower is down, free, over-the-air broadcasters can still be on the air and are the lifeline for emergency information.
  • The NVBA and Nevada’s Broadcasters are extremely proud of our local AMBER Alert System, which is one of the most successful systems in the country due to our partnership with the Department of Justice, Nevada Child Seekers, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Nevada EAS system, and the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.
  • Nevada Broadcasters are an integral part of their communities and offer un-equaled public service to local communities throughout Nevada. Nevada’s radio & television stations contribute approximately millions of dollars per year to their communities through fund-raising efforts and donations of air-time for public service announcements. No other industry serves their communities to this level.

If you are a radio or television station (licensed by the FCC to the state of Nevada), a broadcasting retiree or a business providing services to Nevada’s broadcasting industry and interested in joining the NVBA, please contact the NVBA.