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Position Summary The person selected for this professional-technical administrative position will serve as a unified employee to effectively manage the implementation and reporting requirements for various grants and projects and promotes the use of instructional television (ITV) and other distance learning technologies by providing educational consultant services to teachers, principals, staff, and Clark County School District administrators. This position assists staff in the organization, implementation, and evaluation of effective ITV utilization, and other instructional technologies relevant to the District’s ongoing services. The person selected for this position will be directly responsible to the Director, Educational Media Services, Vegas PBS, Operational Services Unit. Minimum Requirements 1. Currently serving as a professional-technical employee with the Clark County School District or have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited college or university. 2. Satisfactory service in a corresponding or related positions, or five (5) years of successful supervisory experience related to the administrative position. 3. Proficiency in the use of video and educational technology in a K-12 setting. 4. A valid driver’s license that allows the applicant/employee to legally operate a motor vehicle in Nevada. 5. Ability to successfully complete a writing sample at the time of interview. 6. Successful performance in the position held at the time of application Salary and Benefits This is a twelve (12)-month position with placement on Range 40 ($72,456 – $97,092) of the Unified Administrative Salary Schedule. Placement will be made in accordance with Clark County School District Administrative Regulation 4291 (Placement and Advancement on the Unified Administrative Salary Schedule). Placement higher than Step C ($79,908) shall not be granted to professional-technical (non-licensed) administrators new to the Clark County School District except by decision of the Superintendent or designee. For complete details and application instructions, please visit our website:


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Post Date: September 6, 2019
Closing Date: September 30, 2019